Parking permits now enforced

Parking permits now enforced

Parking tickets will be issued to vehicles parked on campus without a valid permit starting today, according to Sheriff’s Deputy Alfred Guerrero.  

A parking permit is required and must be displayed to park on campus.

Students can purchase a non-preferred parking permit for $20 or a preferred parking permit for $27, which includes the $7 ASO fee. The preferred parking permit allows students to park in all student lots, including the preferred lots (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9). Students are allowed one parking permit per semester.

When it comes to the parking on campus, Guerrero said, issues can occur.

“We deal with a lot of disagreements with parking stalls,” he said.

Property damage can be worrisome, Guerrero added.

“We worry about students damaging other vehicles,“ Guerrero said. “We hope they’d be more courteous when it comes to other students’ vehicles.”

Kinesiology major Andrew Armero, 21,  said safety is a priority.

“Students should be aware of their surroundings while driving in the parking lots,” Aemero said. “Be careful with the pedestrians and of the cars around you.”

Theater major Fred Saravia, 21, said trying to find parking is time consuming.

“I worry about being on time. Trying to find parking doesn’t let me do that,” Saravia said. “I usually wait about 15 minutes until I find a parking spot.”

Guerrero recommends students park on campus.

“Parking off campus is LAPD jurisdiction,” Guerrero said. “It’s safer to park on campus.”

Parking permits can be purchased at the Business Building near the Pierce Bookstore or bought online on the Pierce website and picked up in the Business Building. All student fees must be paid, before a student is allowed to purchase a parking permit.

“To avoid parking tickets, simply get your parking permit,” Guerrero said.