Clubs Rush; Moving Forward Together

Clubs Rush; Moving Forward Together

Club Rush is hosted by the Associated Student Organization (ASO) every fall and spring semester. This semester it was on September 13 and 14. Photo by Felipe Gamino.

Club Rush hit the Mall again on Wednesday, Sept. 13 and Thursday, Sept. 14 to give students a chance to learn about the clubs and committees offered on campus.

Club Rush is hosted by the Associated Student Organization (ASO) every fall and spring semester. According to ASO president Efren Lopez, Club Rush helps students engage in school activities and brings in more members to join the clubs.

“It’s kind of like creating a campus environment, a community,” Lopez said.

More than 50 clubs participated on both days, and many students were gathered at the event talking to club organizers and club members. Students were given the opportunity to find things that interested them and were directed toward different clubs that met their likings.

“It’s always good to be involved in campus clubs. First of all, it looks great on your resume, and you learn new things. You get to know more people, you get more involved, and you get to be a part of whatever you like,” ASO club council president Kosar Afsari said. “Just follow your interests or what you are passionate about.”

Save The Beach Club is a club that raises awareness for the environment. The organization works to help keep nearby beaches clean so that the ocean will be less polluted. The club sometimes conducts campus beautification events, and they fight for a cleaner environment.

Stanley Jordan, president of the Save The Beach Club, said that they are hoping to gain new members who are interested in helping keep the environment clean. They have set up fundraisers and activities that should benefit their goals for the future.

“We collaborate with the other clubs to raise awareness, and we really want to get the word out to students about the environment,” Jordan said.

Pierce Spirit Club is an on-campus club that promotes school spirit and hopes to empower students to cheer for Pierce teams. The club participates in events on campus, and has been going on for about 15 years. It also promotes Sideline and Competition teams, both of which give school credit.

“Pierce Spirit Club is an all-encompassing program, in which we are basically involved with our home games, our events and activities that go on at the school,” Coach Zach Harris said.

For information about any of the clubs available this semester or about ASO, students can visit the ASO building located on the bottom floor of the Library / Learning Crossroads or online on the Pierce College website.

“If you are a student, Club Rush is for you to become engaged, look around, find what you are interested in, what you are passionate about, join different clubs and become active,” Afsari said. “There’s something for everyone.”