Pierce College voted number one by Daily News readers

Pierce College voted number one by Daily News readers

For the second year in a row Pierce College earned title of LA’s Best Community College, as voted on by readers of the Daily News.

Public relations manager Doreen Clay said that voters are given a blank space in which they fill in their personal choice of best colleges. There are no boxes to check, and people had to write in Los Angeles Pierce College to cast their vote.

“It’s just one more way we can get recognition for the good work that is going on at Pierce,” Clay said. “The fact that community college is an open-access campus means that anyone and everyone is welcome to attend and be a part of this community.”

Dean of Student Engagement Juan Carlos Astorga reflected on Pierce’s award and said, “It’s indicative of the importance of the students that are here.”

To uphold the meaning of the award, ASO President Efren Lopez advices students to participate in campus politics to elicit positive change.

“Students should get involved in their student body government,” Lopez said. “If they want to see something happen, they need to go out and join student groups.”

Astorga agreed and said that students’ voices should be heard to continue to improve the Pierce experience.

“There is significant value in the voice of students, and faculty really needs to hear those voices to know what we can do to make it better for all,” Astorga said.

Lopez said students are a vital part of the college’s identity.

“What really makes it is the students. You have this college and you have 20,000 students that come here out of the entire city of Los Angeles,” Lopez said.