New menu, who dish?

New menu, who dish?

Pierce welcomes Pacific Dining into the cafeteria and into the stomachs of the community, after a food vendor decision was made by the district last semester.

The company recently signed a 10-year-deal with the Los Angeles Community Colleges District to service all nine campuses.   

Founded in 1989 by Rick McMahon in San Jose, California, Pacific Dining prides itself as green certified and always looking for new ways to promote sustainability at its locations.

Brian Robertson, a manager who has worked at Pacific Dining for more than 10 years, believes Pierce College was selected for its spacious cafeteria and high quality equipment.

“Pierce is a really great opportunity for us because it’s such a busy location,” Robertson said. “The cafe was huge and the machinery was in great condition.”

The cafeteria now offers students the choice of Mexican, Italian and specialty deli sandwiches.

While there is a suggestion box in the cafe for student input regarding new items of the menu, Pierce College Cafe Manager Jaime Cancino makes the ultimate decision.  

“The chef and myself decide what makes the final cut and what items will go on the menu for each station,” Cancino said.

Stephanie Garcia, a new hire from the company, saw both barista and cashier positions on Craig’s List.

“We were all trained in one day,” Garcia said. “There’s usually two of us working at a time, so it can get crazy busy quick.”

Though Garcia is a fan of matcha green teas and chai tea lattes, she said their most popular drinks are vanilla lattes and cappuccinos.  

“We’re pretty busy on Monday, and it doesn’t really slow down until Thursday because there’s not that many people on campus Fridays,” Garcia said.

Cancino and Robertson both said that there would be a new salad bar station opening in the next few weeks.

“There will be someone behind the counter to assemble the salad for students,” Robertson said. “I’m hoping it will be a popular station.”