Column: Treat others with respect

Column: Treat others with respect

In this country, we are privileged as citizens to many rights and freedoms.  Other governments don’t give the same rights to their people and at times condition them with what their allowed or not allowed to do.

On Friday, President Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama, called NFL players that don’t stand up when the national anthem plays unpatriotic S.O.B.’s. He added in his statement that those players be fired for not respecting the nation’s flag.

This caused uproar among NFL owners and even commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement disagreeing with Trump.

At a time when the country is divided on so multiple issues such as DACA, immigration, and healthcare, just to name a few, the country does not need another problem.

The controversy started with Colin Kaepernick  who took a knee when the anthem was playing before a 49’ers game. While some supported his decision, others were quick to criticize.

According to an article on ABC 7, more than 200 players took a knee or sat on the bench during the Sunday games.

Others athletes showed solidarity by locking arms and by sitting or taking a knee during the anthem.

However, one player, for The Steelers, decided to come out of the locker room to salute the flag while the rest stayed in.

A poll conducted by SurveyUSA before the Sunday games found that 47 percent of Californians supported the protests, with 38 percent opposing.

After Sunday, the figure changed to 52 percent support and 37 percent opposed.

Megan Rapinoe, a player for Seattle Reign and the U.S. women’s national team, did not stand during the national anthem. The U.S. Soccer Federation went on to make a statement saying  all players that represent the country have to stand.

During high school or college football games, the stadium announcer asks everyone to stand and you will see all the time that the people rise.

But we have to take into consideration that not everyone thinks the same way. They have different views, beliefs, preferences and so forth. Should we pound on them and criticize for what they do or believe in?

Coaches and organizations should implement values and respect to their players, but in the end it is the players’ decision if they want to follow them or not.

People are tired of just hearing about problems. What they want is a solution?

Now what’s a solution that the president, owners and players can come up with  to calm the emotions down?

One solution is that Trump meets with some of the owners and the players. Especially those that didn’t stand and come up with solutions and listen to the concerns that they have.

Another solution can be for the president to stop Tweeting about it and focus on the agenda that he has with his administration.

This is a time where unity is crucial and it begins with us. Not everyone thinks the same and it’s not our job to judge.

Isn’t the golden rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” If that is the case, it’s time that we start showing it.