Preview: ‘Pierce the Stillness’ dance recital

Preview: ‘Pierce the Stillness’ dance recital

Salsa, swing, ballet and jazz are just a few of the dance forms that will be used to “Pierce the Stillness.”

The Pierce College Dance Department will be hosting its annual Fall Dance Concert in the Performing Arts Building from Nov.10-11, and will have a matinee showing on Sunday, Nov. 12.

Dance Instructor Brian Moe will be directing this year’s concert for the first time. He is directing a total of 46 dancers.  

“I feel very excited. It’s a good challenge coming up in my second year now. Pierce has a lot of dance to offer that people don’t know about,” Moe said.

Moe joined the Dance Department in 2016. He teaches tap, jazz, modern, dance to fitness and dance production classes.

Kiana Soriano, 21, is one of the 46 dancers participating in the dance concert. Soriano has participated in 7 concerts at Pierce College.

“I think the dance concert is going to go great. We aren’t going to fall short on time,” Soriano said. “Things will go as expected because that’s how Moe does things. He gets things done with an enjoyable, fun and productive process.”

Bryson Wesley, 21, is performing in 4 dances. He is also choreographing a hip-hop routine.

“I think the process is a little more accelerated,” Wesley said. “I feel that a lot of people are getting what they need to get done quicker, and therefore, we have more time to clean the choreography and make sure it’s presentable on stage.”

Moe has gained the admiration and respect of many dancers throughout his time at Pierce.

“He’s an amazing professor and very professional. He has no favoritism,” Soriano said. “He works well with everyone. He’s funny, caring and a great person to talk to. A good role model to many. Amazing dancer, and overall great person inside out.”

“Moe is awesome. As a male instructor, he’s one of my favorites. He’s very funny; he gets things done. He does help expand, especially for people that are more than 6 feet,” Wesley said.

Moe has high expectations for the upcoming dance concert.

“I think that the audience will come and see something they did not know Pierce had,” Moe said. “They will be intrigued and hopefully come and take some dance classes with us, and even participate in next year’s spring dance concert.”

According to Moe, the dance concert will have a variety of dances that include modern, African, tap, ballet and ballroom. The show has a total of 15 dance pieces that dance instructors and student choreographers have put together.

Soriano also has high expectations for the upcoming dance concert.

“I always expect nothing but the best, and it always turns out great,” Soriano said. “Although, for some reason every fall semester, it seems as if we are running out of time, but it’s always a turn around, and it turns out great.”

Moe said that he has no doubt that the audience will come to enjoy a great show, and that they will sell out.

To view a behind the scenes video piece of “Pierce the Stillness,” click here.

***This story has been updated to include a video of “Pierce the Stillness.”***