Preview: Women’s volleyball tailgate

Preview: Women’s volleyball tailgate

As women’s volleyball celebrates clinching its 15th conference title, students, faculty and fans can join in on the fun prior to the game against Glendale Community College.

The Associated Student Organization will host a tailgate to support the women’s volleyball team this Wednesday at 5 p.m.

ASO is also offering free pizza, drinks, engaging activities and opportunities to make connections with the organization so they can get to know the student body.

The previous football tailgate held in October was a success, according to ASO President Efren Lopez.

“It was a good turnout, both students and faculty members came, even a couple of football players,” Lopez said.

The previous tailgate had food, games and it was, according to Lopez, community building. Lopez expects more of the same for the event Wednesday.

“The upcoming volleyball tailgate is expected to be even better because of the location,” Lopez said. “This tailgate is going to be right outside the gym, where the game is going to happen.”

Lopez said the tailgate is about sports and bonding and spreading Brahma pride to the community.

“We want to create that sense of community, that Brahma pride, you know? That’s the most important part,” Lopez said, “Sometimes we feel a little disconnected from this college, and I think when we do [tailgate] events it creates that connection, and you feel welcome. It creates that student life that a lot of students want at this school.”

Lopez said athletes also benefit from tailgates because it gives them the boost to perform well.

“If they have moral support from Pierce and they see that these events are done for them because they’ve done a great job, it give them a great mindset when they go out and play their games,” Lopez said.

Head Coach Nabil Mardini said the last tailgate event for the volleyball team was a success and that the team is excited for the turnout.

“It had a good crowd. We’ve never done anything like it and I think it’s a great idea,” Mardini said. “The women’s team is excited to see the turnout.”

Mardini said tailgates are about getting the student body to hang out and watch the game and show their support for the team.

He also said that most of the student body is not involved in campus sports, but community tailgate events bring attention to sports teams on campus.

“They should come and feel the connection between them and their college instead of just coming to class and leaving afterwards. A lot of times, you are sitting in class and chances are you in class with at least one athlete in the room or more,” Mardini said.

Student Engagement Coordinator and Counselor Lara Conrady Wong said that the event will have ASO senators and officers available to answer any questions students may have about the event or ASO.

“ASO hosts several tailgates, something they started in spring of 2016 as a tradition to support student athletes and Pierce athletics and to promote student engagement at campus events,” Conrady Wong said.

Conrady Wong said that they support the women’s volleyball team and that they are leaders as well.

“They are really great. We want the student athletes to know that we really support them, they’re student leaders as well. They’re representing Pierce everytime they put on their uniforms,” Conrady Wong said. “ASO will be at the game cheering them on.”