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Season Preview: Women’s basketball

As basketball season approaches, the women’s team prepares to improve on last season, when things didn’t go as planned.

This season, the team has 13 players, four of which are returning. They have been practicing every weekday since the beginning of the semester.

Diana Asal Kohanzad is a new face on the team. She was recruited in January from a recreational women’s team, not from her high school. She said she started as a backup.

Kohanzad said that although it’s challenging, she is enjoying it, and is excited to start playing for the Brahmas.

“We have a strong team. I am really excited for the season to start,”  Kohanzad said.

Kohanzad said that since the beginning of the semester, they have all been able to work as a cohesive unit, and they got to know each other on a personal level. Although they haven’t had spent much time together, she said she is excited to get to know the rest of her teammates.

Head Coach Jim Couch said the team has been working together before the season opener.

“I really think that the team comradery and the team itself are coming together well. I think that we will play a cohesive game with the kids that we have,” Couch said.

Couch said that the first month has mostly been about the girls getting to know each other, as well as how they play together as a unit. All the players understand how they play on an individual level, and now it is time for them to see how they play together as a team, he said.

Emily Schramm is new on the team this season. Schramm said that this was her first year playing for the Brahmas, however, it was not her first year at Pierce.

“I am not nervous even though this is my first year. I think that we all bring something really special to the table in terms of skill,” Schramm said.

Schramm said she thinks that the team works well together. She said although they are still in the beginning stages, everyone on the team are friends.

Overall, the team and the coach agree that the upcoming season is one for growth and improvement.

The women’s basketball team plays its first games from November 9-11 in the Pasadena tournament.

The first home game is on Nov. 24 as part of the Pierce Tournament, which goes on until the 26th. Opponents will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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