Season Review: Football’s emotional ride

Season Review: Football’s emotional ride

The football team had highs and lows this season. From losing by an inch to taking home the final victory as their last hoorah, the Brahmas reflect on their season and move toward having a 10-0 record next year.

Three weeks into the season, former heach coach Jason Sabolic was fired for decorum violations, and the team was left with no help from the sidelines.

Interim head coach James Sims stepped in after Sabolic’s dismissal. Sims said it was not easy at first because he had to earn the players’ respect.

“I had to come in and smooth over those relationships,” Sims said. “First of all, I had to go in and earn the respect of the players.”

Sims said he needed to cater to the team’s original rules so he would not disrupt the team’s existing chemistry.

“I thought it was easier for me, as one person, to learn what 90 other people were doing, than for 90 people to learn what I am doing,” Sims said.

Anthony Scott, offensive lineman, said despite the ups and downs this season, they had an exciting match every time they went on the field.

“Coming back from adverse situations, a lot of the games were losing in the first half and then in the second half we would bounce back,” Scott said.

Scott said the last game of the season against Antelope Valley College showed that they had true Brahma pride.

“The last game we were down 17-0, and our coach came in at halftime and said we had to ‘whoop it up,’and to Sims’ delight,” Scott said. “We charged up and did what we needed to do.”

The Brahmas won the match 22-17.

Scott said he hopes to continue to see his teammates work hard.

Wide receiver Quentin Palmer said the team’s offense and defense was great this season, but he’d like to see changes next season.

“We can improve on finishing the game,” Palmer said. “Playing with an attitude that we’re going to win.”

Sims said the football team showed perseverance this season, but it has to keep working.

“In football, there’s plenty of things you can improve on—get in the gym and get stronger,” Sims said. “But the most important thing to work on is to form a family and get to know everybody.”

Sims said the first game he watched was against Southwest College. The Brahmas lost 51-13, and he said it was impactful to him because it was the worst loss.

“It was our worst loss of the season, and they didn’t have a head coach in the sidelines,” Sims said. “They didn’t know if they were going to have a season at all.”

The following game against Mt. San Jacinto College really changed the pace of the season.

“We were playing a team that was undefeated and was ranked, and we beat them by 28 points. That was the highlight,” Sims said.

The last two games of the season, the team had to comeback from behind, and they got the job done.  

“We were down 22 to nothing. In the second game, we were down 17 to nothing and we won both games,” Sims said.