Shannon can’t stop helping others succeed

Shannon can’t stop helping others succeed

Shannon Krajewski, a new addition to the Pierce College staff, is the first faculty member working as the professional development coordinator.

“This position is the first of its kind in the district for professional coordinator as a staff position,” Krajewski said.

Krajewski, who started working at Pierce in April 2017, said that one of her main focuses as the professional development coordinator is to help provide employees whatever they need to make their students succeed.

“What do our employees need to know and do and practice to position our students for their best success to meet their education goals?” Krajewski said. “We are also working on trying to build trust within the employee’s.”

Distance Education Coordinator Wendy Bass, said that supporting the people who work with the students would help everyone else, and this is what Krajewski is trying to do.

“She’s doing a really good job on making sure that there are professional opportunities for everyone on campus,” Bass said.

Krajewski said she wants to help faculty achieve their goals, and she also wants to help students.

“Even though my role isn’t directly with students, I want to be available for students as well. If students feel like they want to learn more, even about what professional learning means or trainings, I’m happy to talk to them,” Krajewski said.

Krajewski has worked in student affairs and said that her positions have been working directly to serve students. She also has experience working at four-year, private and public schools in the Midwest and the East and West Coast.

Krajewski said that she’s working on professional learning by helping employees understand and best serve their own communities. Krajewski has several planned projects including, working with the LGBTQ community, student veterans, undocumented students, students with disabilities and student athletes.

Krajewski said that she swam while at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. She was team captain for three years, where she said she gained her leadership skills.

“It was a critical part of who I was and still who I am today,” Krajewski said. “You learn lessons from being part of a team and working toward a common goal and working hard everyday.”

Krajewski said that she has been in discussions with ASO about the Student Union Building on campus.

“I worked at CSUN for their Student Union for 10 years,” Krajewski said. “I’m hoping to lend ASO any insights that I have. I think a student center is a critical part for a college campus, whether it’s a four-year school or two-year college.”

ASO president Efren Lopez said that Krajewski cares about the process of the college, and he admires that about her.

Lopez said that approaching faculty can feel be challenging. However, Krajewski shows that she she cares for students.

“Even if her job is just faculty, she’s taking an extra step to go beyond her job description and help students with anything they want to change and improve, and that’s just amazing,” Lopez said. “A lot of faculty members just stick within their own boundaries, but Krajewski is not like that. She’s doing way more than what she should, and I appreciate that.”

Bass said that Krajewski is a positive person. Having someone that supports faculty members is a nice change, she said.

“I enjoy working with her because she always follows through and takes care of it,” Bass said.

Krajewski said that though her title has changed, it hasn’t stopped her from helping and making a difference in students’ lives.

“Even though I’ve been removed from the student experience, I’m hoping that I’ll still have an impact on students just from a different angle,” Krajewski said.