If they build it, they will come

If they build it, they will come

The newly renovated Faculty and Staff Resource Center may look empty next to the Library but is soon going to be home to the entire Information Technology Department.

Vice Associative President of Administrative Offices Larry Kraus said that now that the Faculty / Staff and Resource Center is completed, the IT Department is ready to move in. However, due to configuration issues, some IT members will have to wait longer to relocate.

“It is a very successful thing for the IT Department to move into Building 600. It will still take a while to move the whole department,” Kraus said.

The IT Department’s webgroup, Media Center IT and management moved into the new building in July.

According to IT manager Mark Henderson, there are about nine IT members left in the bottom floor of the Pierce Media Center, the department’s previous location.

Henderson said IT members are still in the old building because the school is setting up the Resource Center.

“The configuration means that the electrical and the data networking have yet to be completed,” he said.

Henderson, who has been at Pierce for 11 years, said that the move will be good for him and his technicians. Soon everyone will be able to work together in a newer building, he said.

“It’ll be great once we are all over here. It’ll be physically great to have us all in one spot,” Henderson said.

According to Henderson, the IT Department’s move from the Media Center to the Resource Center is necessary because IT is an important aspect of Pierce infrastructure, and it has different roles that maintain the daily function of technological structures.

“We are responsible for and try to support all the campus technology and applications. We support the district applications on a more local level,” Henderson said. “We are in charge of the school’s website, networking, desktop support and server support. Every person here has a function, and each one has specific job classifications.”

Hank Murphy, an instructor of computer science information technology, said that the move was a step in the right direction.

“The move into the newly renovated 600 Building has been a long time coming, and we certainly hope that it can improve the service as well as their facilities,” Murphy said.