Season Preview: Men’s Volleyball

Season Preview: Men’s Volleyball

As men’s volleyball season draws near, the team looks to build on the 2017 season’s improvements, and perform better than before.

The Brahmas finished last season with an overall record of 13-6, which was a triumphant upturn from the 2016 season when they went 7-13.

Assistant coach Teddy Niemira said that the quality of players this season will allow the team to perform exceptionally well.

“Our athleticism is top-tier, and we have a fantastic team this season. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, and we want to be better and better every year. But, with these guys, I’m expecting one or two losses at the most,” Niemira said.

The 11-man team includes three returning players. Bernardo Roese, a returning players, said that he has taken it upon himself to guide the newer members on the team and help them improve their game.

“As one of the older guys, I’ve just been trying to give the other players tips and help them stay focused. We all like to have fun with things, but sometimes it’s better to treat the game more seriously,” Roese said.

Roese said that the youth and diverse capabilities of the newer players, in conjunction with the successful cohesion of the team, will lend itself to a good volleyball season for the Brahmas.

“We have a bunch of young guys on the team who all have their own unique talents, and we work really well together. I think that’s going to help us play a better season,” Roese said.

Head coach Lance Walker said that, although there will be a period of transition with the new players on the team once the volleyball season starts, he is looking forward to see how they play.

“We’re going to have our growing pains like we do every year after an old team moves on. But it’s going to be really exciting to see how some of our new talents performs out on the court,” Walker said.

Walker said the team will be taking a simple approach to the season as they progress. He does not want players to lose focus on their goals by thinking too far ahead in a game.

“What’s the most important match? It’s the one we’re playing now or prepping to play next. What’s the most important play? The one we’re about to play right now,” Walker said. “That’s the kind of simple-versus-complex mindset we try to instill as coaches.”

Walker expressed confidence in the team’s ability to perform well through conference, provided that players stay focused on their education as well as their volleyball game.

“I think it’s going to be a really special year for the Brahmas. If we can stay healthy and the guys on the team can keep their GPAs up, I really think that, with this level of talent, we’ll be able to continue the tradition of winning conference and making it to playoffs,” Walker said.