5 Reasons Why CompTIA Security+ Training is Apt for Your Career

Today, you can opt for numerous certified courses if you want to make a career in cybersecurity. To be candid, you have so many options these days that it becomes overwhelming to choose the right course. Whether it is financial perquisites, career prospects or industry recognition, the best choice is a certified course that helps candidates go ahead in their professional sphere.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk, there are many cybersecurity jobs such as Information Security Analysts, Pen Testers, and Computer Forensics Investigators to name a few. Here are five reasons why these certifications are apt for your career prospects:

  1. Your candidature would be in demand

Companies in private as well as public sectors look for certified professionals in the cybersecurity discipline to manage security and network administration responsibilities. The major services include threats and vulnerabilities, cryptography, compliance, and operational security, access control, identity management, and data and host security. All these topics would be covered in your certification course so that you can bag the best job. You need to prepare well for the exams to achieve the best grades that will help you to work in a big corporation.

  1. Handsome salary

A professional and industry-recognized course will fetch you a handsome pay package provided you manage to work for a multinational corporation. The estimated average pay of any network engineer is between $42,128 and $95,829. The endorsement together with a candidate’s experience and skillsets would determine your salary. In a matter of five years, you can demand payment of approx $66,887 per annum when you have a CompTIASecurity+ certification.

  1. Ideal for government jobs

The certification is the best point to start your career if you are looking for a cybersecurity or networking position in a government office. Moreover, this certification complies with the values of DOD 8570 that is a compliance standard employed for citing numerous requirements associated with contractors as well as government staff at several work levels in the IT sector. Did you know that this certification meets the necessary DOD 8570 compliance principles for Management Level – 1 as well as Technical Level – 2 positions in government agencies?

A government job is both well-paid and secure and therefore with the CompTIASecurity+ training, you have the best chance to grab these jobs.

  1. Work at any place in the US

The greatest benefit of the certification is that it gives you an opportunity to work in any part of the US. That is because the course is recognized throughout the country. The defense department in America does not only approve it but also their authorized network cybersecurity certification too.

  1. No prior experience necessary

Unlike other courses, CompTIASecurity + does not ask for any prior experience to enroll for the course. All you require is two years of networking and security experience to improve your chances of being hired quickly and passing the exam. It is only a recommendation by Comptia and not a mandatory condition to fulfill.


Now that you know the benefits of the certification, you can make an informed decision when opting for CompTIA Security + certification.