Preview: Swim team hits the waters at Cuesta College

Preview: Swim team hits the waters at Cuesta College

Swim returns to the pool for their third meet of the season at Cuesta College.

The Brahmas dive back into the waters after they finished last in the Bakersfield meet in both the men and women’s categories. The women’s team finished with 61 points, 15 more points than the men.

The Brahmas will face swim teams from Hancock, Bakersfield and Ventura colleges.

Michael Roysner shared his expectations on the meet and what he expects from the team.

“We are in the middle of the season. We are all pumped up for this Friday. It’s in Cuesta, so it will be a long drive,” Roysner said. “We have learned a lot from our past meets because there are a lot of swimmers who are in their first year.”

The Bakersfield Renegades have scored a total of 471 points for the women this season, while the men have have done better with 517.5.

The Pierce women’s swim team have a total of 108 points, while the men’s team have scored a total of 76.5 points.

Roysner believes that the team will do better in this meet as he has improved in the races that he’s been apart of.

“I’m doing a whole lot better when I swim. I have dropped 15 seconds in most of my race times, so I’m hoping to do that this meet,” Roysner said.

Cuestas’ men’s swim team come into the meet after getting 312.5 points at Bakersfield, while the women finished with 266.

The Ventura College Pirates’ women’s team come into the meet with 397 points in the two Western State Conference meets so far this season.

In the previous meet, Hancock scored 174 points.

Lily Pang, captain of the women’s team, said the team is working hard and improving in all areas.

“I think we are getting better. We are working hard. We have to keep pushing and work hard to the very end,” Pang said.

Head Coach Judi Terhar said she doesn’t want her team to relax as they set their sights on conference.

“We don’t expect them to do much. We want them sore. We want them tired. We want them exhausted for the meet,” Terhar said. “We want them to prepare for conference. We are in the hardest part of the season, so we are pulling around at different events. And if they swim well that means something is wrong; it means they missed a lot of workouts.”

Terhar said swimming is a very specific sport and that they don’t know what the other colleges do until the last second.

The swim meet begins at 11 a.m. at Cuesta College. This is the meet before the Pasadena Invitational on Thursday, April 5.