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Streetbeat: Living Abroad


If you could move today, where would you live abroad?

“Paris. It’s not too bad, it’s not too good, it’s just in the middle. You can fix whatever you need to fix when you get there.”
– Apriyana Shackelford, 18, Child Development 


“Korea, where my family is, because that’s sentimental to me. I feel like everybody wants to go where they hold something to their heart.”
– Julian Coley, 21, Environmental Science 

“A tie between Italy and Tokyo. On one hand, if I was going to go for the most easy going life that reflects some of my hobbies, I would choose Italy. But if I go for the more business end, it would definitely be Tokyo.”
– Andranik Nazarian, 21, Business

“Probably somewhere in Sweden. Free healthcare, it’s cold, and I’ve never actually lived in snow before, so that would be nice.”
– Louis Gavia, 23, English

Photos by Damiesha Williams