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Streetbeat: Firearm Restrictions


Should there be restrictions when purchasing a firearm?

“You should be 25. There should also be yearly renewals for licenses. We have to start somewhere. We won’t know until we actually try something. Anything would help at this point.”
– Flor Arreguin, 19, Social Science

“No, they’re just going to get it from the black market anyhow. It’s always going to be illegally sold on the streets. Even if you restrict them, the bad guy will always get his hand on the gun; there is really no point.”
– Thomas Mason, 26, Undecided

“At a bare minimum, we can start with background checks – not just criminal records, but also mental health records. If you have to wait until 21 to drink alcohol, I believe you should be a few years older to own your own firearm.”
– Bryan Perez, 19, Social Science

“People should be over 30. You’re still maturing in your 20s, and even some people at 30 are still immature and don’t know how to handle situations.”
– Mary Attarian, 18, Psychology

Photos by Erick Salgado