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Streetbeat: Women


Who is the most influential woman in your life and why?

“My mother. She influenced me to stay on my education and to keep on getting mentally better at doing things in life.”
-Anthony Isome, 28, RVT

“Michelle Obama. I feel she doesn’t get enough credit for what she has done with public schools and nutrition. She looks pretty strong and her speeches are inspiring.”
-Enrique Mondragon, 21, Business

“My grandmother. She taught me to enjoy life. Recently she died of cancer and one of the last things she taught me was to not be afraid to put myself out there and show the world who I am and what I can do. I miss her and I appreciate her and her advice.”
-Akai Vengoechea, 19, Animation

“My old boss. She is actually the person that got me to be more assertive in my work environment and gave me the leadership skills that I have now. She taught me how to be a supervisor, now I am one.”
-Chelsea Carurucan, 23, Business Administration

Photos by Natalie Miranda