Pro: Internet Access

With technology becoming even more apart of humans lives and being integrated into classrooms, internet access becomes more of a necessity.

Students have begun to rely on technological devices to complete homework assignments, and some classes even require that class and homework be done only online. For example, MathLab is an online portal that assigns and collects student work. Without access to the internet, students are unable to complete these assignments.

Over the internet, teachers can access the homework assignments in class and give students feedback right away. This helps the students and teachers stay up to date on grades.

But internet access does more than just help with homework.

Nobody wants to lug around heavy books when they could have all the information at their fingertips in the form of their phone or tablet. Physical textbooks cannot be updated with the speed and efficiency of electronic books. A new edition would have to be made, distributed and purchased by students. With e-books, the buyer only ever pays a one time fee and has access to the book forever. Having internet access helps students learn from the most recent academic findings.

Being able to access e-books in class through Wi-Fi provided by the school would help students access class material more easily and affordably.

According to, the average cost of books are $1,200 a year throughout community colleges and universities. The cost of e-books are significantly lower.

According to Mill City Press, e-books cost an average of $2.99 per book. With accessible internet access, students can buy, download and use these more affordable options whenever they are needed.

Internet access is also a necessity because it gives students the power to research any type of document on the spot. Students can share a document via the internet through various apps, such as Google Docs or Canvas. They can even share the app through texting.

The internet provides a lot of free resources. In addition to multiple apps and websites, YouTube is the perfect resource for lectures. Sometimes instructors have difficulty communicating a certain topic to students, which is when an educational video for instructional use can come in handy. If classrooms did not have a strong Wi-Fi connection, this would be impossible.

Overall, internet access in class helps students on their journey to become successful. It makes things more accessible, affordable and effective.