Academic Senate introduces acting president

Academic Senate introduces acting president

Sheri Berger introduced herself to the senate as the acting president of Pierce College.  

She reported the status of choosing a new college president and how the process will work in this semester’s final Academic Senate meeting.

“The deadline to submit their interest [for president] is this Thursday,” Berger said. “We have processes that we have in place. There will be a hiring committee.”

Berger will be the interim president for the next six weeks.

“My whole goal is to keep the ship afloat,” Berger said.

The process for electing a new president will take an estimated eight months, LACCD Francisco Rodriguez said.

“The chancellor is hoping that the permanent president is in place for January 1,” Berger said.

Berger said former President Kathleen Burke intends to attend graduation on June 5.

Academic Senate President Anna Bruzzese shared an email sent by Burke about a recommended decision for the Academic Senate.

“President Burke informed us of her decision to agree with our recommendation on engineering,” Bruzzese said.

The Senate also discussed the opening of a Pierce food pantry. Student Equity Assistant Darcy Corwin gave information about the initiative. He said they will receive help from the Hunger Free Campus Support Allocations.

“The California Community College Chancellor’s Office, they basically allocated us with $33,692 for this grant,” Corwin said.

The Hunger Free Campus Support Alliance states that college campuses will have an on-campus pantry and a meal plan will be implemented. adipurush Movie Review

With the money from the grant, the campus can help the St.A.S.H club and their pantry become an official campus pantry.

“We’re going to use those funds for programs and supplies, pantry supplies, maybe do a hot meal voucher,” Corwin said. “This is giving us an opportunity to institutionalize the pantry.”