Column: Sports awareness

Column: Sports awareness

Every semester, clubs and different departments gather at the Mall for Club Rush to recruit students.

While some just come to Pierce to get their 60 units and transfer to a four-year, some decide to do extracurricular activities.

While the clubs are getting people to sign up, athletics is not get the same promotion other departments do.

The athletics department should follow the footsteps of their peers and have a “Sports Fair” or sports open house to bring in new players.

Teams could also bring out the hardware they won in season’s past to the booth they have set up for the students to come and see that there is more to life at Pierce than just the daily routine.

Coaches can talk to those who are interested and mention to them the times they practice and sell the program so they can sign up.

Recruiting has been an issue, especially for softball who’s season had to be canceled due to not all the players being cleared. By having this day, they could get players to sign up and they won’t have to procrastinate.

When seasons come to an end, the players who are in their sophomore year move on leaving their respective teams with the need to go and recruit.

Coaches go out and do their recruiting by talking to high schools around the area or downtown, however few commit or some decide to go D1.

By having this activity, they can open more doors for opportunity in bringing athletes, especially for those teams that are in their offseason.

If other departments and clubs can promote themselves well. Athletics should do the same.