Smart boards, not enough training

Smart boards, not enough training

Many of the newly renovated buildings are equipped with smart classrooms, but few are being used because faculty do not have the proper training.

Smartboards, new tools available at Pierce, are not being used to their full potential.

Some faculty have yet to be trained, although there were information sessions available last year. However, training is still available for any instructors who want to learn how to use the smart boards.

Vice Chair of the Department of Mathematics Edouard Tchertchian said little training was offered that gave basic knowledge on how to use the smart boards.  

“A few trainings were offered in the past, which consisted of a quick how-to one-hour workshop focusing on how to use the stylus pen and smart board,” Tchertchian said.

Associate Vice President of Administrative Services Bruce Rosky said that smart board training is important so that instructors in the classrooms know how to use them correctly.

“It is important that they know how to use them because an instructor can easily disable the smart classroom by a push of a button,” Rosky said. “I am aware there was a large training push early in the year and at the end of summer for all faculty in the new North of Mall.”

Tchertchian said because some instructors have not been trained, the smart boards are misused.

“I have not heard of many issues other than some instructors simply haven’t learned how to use them,” Tchertchian said. “The pens are sometimes clunky and have to be recharged, and the instructors also write with markers over the smart boards, making them messy.”

Information Technology Manager Mark Henderson said that the classrooms without Wi-Fi are now going through a bond approval.

“Phase one is done. However, phase two bond is going through and we are getting quotes for that right now,” Henderson said.