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Streetbeat: Karaoke

What is your go to karaoke song?

“If it’s Nirvana, it’s probably the song ‘Sappy.’ I can’t say it’s a great band, but it’s a decent band.”
-Blanca Baltazar, 20, Behavioral Social Science

“I want to say Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ just because I love Bob Dylan and it really hit a special part of me at some point in my life.”
-Reno Aguinaldo, 26, Nursing

“Anything Rihanna. She’s been my girl since I was little. She’s my role model in life.”
-Cyena Jaque, 21, Studio Arts

“‘Summer Nights’ from ‘Grease.’ I like to sing it with my friends. We’re extremely ridiculous and like to do duets for no reason.”
-Taylor Stevenson, 21, Animation

Photos by Navodya Dharmasiriwardena

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