Pro: Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor degrees are proof of accomplishment and education in a specific area, and show a student’s dedication to a certain subject.

If a candidate for a job obtains a bachelor’s degree, they have all the education that pertains to the position at hand, especially if they come from a college or institute that specializes in that certain area of work.

According to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates for those that hold a bachelor’s degrees are lower than those without. The study shows that as of March of this year, the unemployment rate of people who held less than a high school diploma was 5.5 percent, opposed to people with bachelor’s degrees at 2.2 percent unemployment.

The time and effort put into getting a bachelor’s goes to show that the student are more than capable of completing a job over someone that has all the skills from experience or self-teaching.

Take mechanics, for example. If the areas of a car and how to fix or replace it are studied correctly, then a student would be left with a clear understanding of maintenance. There would be no need for trial and error, and the candidate with the degree would already be finished with the job while the additional candidates are still tinkering around.

The candidate who completed years of school, passing test after test and completing assignments, has shown that they are open to being educated. By having a bachelor’s degree, workers are open to being taught how to complete the job.

Colleges are always staying up to date with the ever-changing technology and information that is needed for modern jobs. While a candidate who has all the necessary skills may seem certain of the job at hand, they will be at a disadvantage because their experience would be outdated due to new discoveries and inventions learned about in a classroom setting.

For example, when a new discovery is found in a certain field, students can obtain information about it from a reliable source at their university. Someone who does not have a bachelor’s degree can try to understand the new discovery, but they have no credibility from an established school to prove they know what they’re talking about.

When going through the hiring process, there are many factors involved, with the greatest being qualification. Bachelor’s degrees separate those who have both the knowledge and experience from the potential workers that may be unfit for the job at hand.