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Passing on knowledge

Special Teams and Recruiting Coordinator Devon McKInney stands in front of a white board with game plays at Pierce College’s John Shepard Stadium on Sept. 7, 2018 in Woodland Hills, Calif. McKinney is also a Co Defensive Line Coach. Photo by Natalie Miranda

A former Brahma is a part of the coaching staff this season. Devon McKinney returns to the program to be the special teams and recruiting coordinator.

Also, a Co-Defensive Line Coach, McKinney is very first hand after playing special teams for Pierce and Louisiana Tech University.

Head Coach Carlos Woods said he chose McKinney to be apart of his coaching staff because he knows the program well.

“I chose him because of the experience and because he was a former player here,” Woods said.

Williams Pena, punter and kicker said that McKinney is well experienced and trusts him

“McKinney knows what he’s doing and knows the position itself,” Pena said.

McKinney said one of his coaches , Tyrone Greenwood, gave him another opportunity and he took advantage of it.

“So I took it and ran with it,” McKinney said.

Playing for the Brahmas, McKinney was awarded the First Team All-Conference Award.  

McKinney said that they teach the players how to be disciplined and when they leave the program they are more mature.

“We try to teach the kids character and discipline, McKinney said. “They come in as kids and leave as young men.”

Pena said that McKinney has helped him in his adaption to the team.

McKinney said that he wants to get these players to move on from community college.

“I definitely just want help these kids get to where I went; the D1 level,” McKinney said.

The coaches go by a team slogan, “Get out of JUCO”.

McKinney said special teams are very important. He said It is one-third of offense and defense.

Pena said that  both Woods and McKinney emphasize on special teams.

“Him [McKinney] and Coach Woods are both emphasizing on special teams because a lot of teams don’t take it seriously,” Pena said.

Woods said the Special Teams unit took a lot of time, energy and effort to prepare through special teams meetings, special teams walk-throughs, and hard work.

“I’m all for it. We’re definitely going in the right direction,” Woods said.

McKinney said Woods talks about how in college and the NFL and said some of them make the team through special teams.

McKinney elaborated saying you can feed your family or get a scholarship through special teams.

“We want to treat special teams just like offense and defense,” McKinney said.

Woods said he chose McKinney because he was young, hungry and eager to learn.

Woods said  he likes to challenge McKinney with ideas for plays constantly. He said it makes him a better coach because he allows him to delegate and can depend on him to get things done.

“He’s not content with the knowledge base he has,” Woods said. He will do research to comeback with a solid answer when he doesn’t have one.”


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