Preview: Club Rush

Preview: Club Rush

As the bi-yearly brahma tradition, Club Rush, nears and the influx of new freshman arrive, the diverse selection of Pierce College extracurriculars prepare to attract prospective members.

The over abundance of disengaged students last semester had gotten clubs to rethink their methods of survival. It had even gotten the newly formed Industrial Hemp Club to go as far as offering prospective members money to pay their ASO fees.

Industrial Hemp Club officer Andrew Hemphill said the lack of engaged students informed the club’s decision to offer money to potential members.

“The thing is we do have enough signatures to maintain our status as a club but five of those signatures haven’t paid their ASO fees. That’s why (we’re) offering to pay anyone’s ASO fees just as long as they sign our list. If we have the members on paper, we’ll have a classroom to hold our meetings in every week.” Said Hemphill.

Moving forward into this semester the anxiety was not unfamiliar. The Dean of Student Engagement Juan Carlos Astorga stood in his guayabera as he answered Michael Sandoval, a 20-year-old art major’s questions.

“I wasn’t the happiest person going into my first semester here. I was the only person in my circle of friends from high school that didn’t get into the four-year of my choice. Starting the semester, I kept my routine to going to class, going to practice, and going home.” Sandoval said.  “After hearing about the Photography Club, I think that routine is going to change. I never knew Pierce had the same creative spaces that would allow me to utilize my love for photography the same way my high school did. I think after speaking with the dean I will definitely check out what the photography club has to offer at Club Rush.”

When speaking with The Dean of Student Engagement, Juan Carlos Astorga, he stated, “The opportunity is for us to capture the new students that are really excited about being on campus and really introducing them to the type of vibrancy and out of classroom experiences they can benefit from in participating this.”

He further elaborated that Club Rush was put in place to foster an inclusive environment where the development of student’s networking and leadership skills can take place and diversity and creativity are celebrated.  

“The students I really wanted ASO to focus on reaching this year are those who’ve gotten accustomed to showing up to school, going to the class, and immediately leaving. I personally think we’re not doing them the service we are supposed to. What I really want them to know is that there is an opportunity for them to see their voices reflected. For them to be able to create a community, a social support network, an opportunity to really engage their possible respective communities.” Astorga said. “On the day of the event we will have over 50 clubs that will be tabling so students can come on by and get a taste of what Pierce College’s Extracurriculars have to offer,” Astorga added.

Club Rush takes place along the mall on Wednesday, Sept. 12 and Thursday, Sept. 13, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.