Pro: General Education classes

Many college students are not aware of the significance that comes with taking general education courses. The transformation from a high school to college student is a big one, and many expect to immediately socialize themselves within a certain culture – a certain major.  

General education classes are a great way for people to be refreshed on general topics upon entering college. Often, they are viewed as a waste of time in the eyes of college students; they look to take classes that serve as an interest and something relative to their chosen field of study.

Some students may not understand the significance of general education courses, which could also justify why there is an evident lack of interest. These classes are essential to students of all ages. Often, adults decide to continue their pursuit of educational success after an initial, unsuccessful attempt. Adults who go back to school face the challenge of forgetting knowledge obtained from general education classes taken in high school and their first attempt in college.

There is no telling how long it may have been since these adults took a course in English and Math – essential courses that assist us in everyday life. Therefore, a refresher in these courses would serve as a benefit to the students who decide to go back to school.

Furthermore, general education classes can also benefit younger students. These courses teach students fundamental topics that assist them in excelling in different areas.

In addition to this, these classes provide students general information in different fields of study. Extra information helps maximize one’s knowledge and gives students a taste of what other fields have to offer in case one may decide to switch majors.

The Walden University website claims that general education classes are beneficial to students because they build a base of knowledge, enhance your communication skills, improve your critical thinking skills, and help you with your career.

General education courses also benefit students who have not decided on a major. Deciding on one field of study can be difficult for some students, but having these classes as exposure to different fields of study helps prompt them in one direction.

According to a Huffington Post article,  reporter Chuck Cohn said, “College is intended to make students aware of as much as possible about the world they live in,”

General education courses are beneficial to students for a variety of reasons. They help students efficiently prepare for their major, and they clear the way for different avenues of learning not yet explored.