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Online appointment problems

*Correction: The problem stated in the article is happening to the general counseling center. Students can make appointments with the Transfer Center despite the amount of credits they possess.


Students are not getting where they need to go due to a scheduling glitch within our transfer department.

Recently, students have been having problems making appointments with counselors at the Transfer Center using the online appointment system. To make an appointment, there are certain criteria that must be met, such as having a history of at least 24 units at Pierce College.

The problem some students are facing is that they have met this requirement, but are not able to make the counseling appointments via the online system.

“Since last semester every time I had tried to make an appointment, the system would tell me that I had less than 24 units,” said Pierce College Student Allan Rivera.

This process has proven grueling for some students. Especially those who do not attend classes every day of the week and are not here regularly. In order for these students to actually get these appointments, they must go through a series of steps.

As a result of the glitch, Rivera had to make an appointment with the Transfer Center in an alternative way.

Students who have completed over 24 units at Pierce, but are having trouble with the online system must go into the Transfer Center. From there, the student would have to fill out a form and have it reviewed by the clerk. After the student has verified they have completed at least 24 units at Pierce, they must again see the clerk to make an appointment for another date.

During appointments with counselors, students can ask questions pertaining to the transfer process as well as their personal educational goals.

“It’s important because they need to have access to that resource so that they have access to that information, so that they know how to go about the process of transferring,” said Transfer Counselor Akadina Amrekhasadeh.

Students’ accessibility to materials and information is an integral part of finding transfer success.

The current glitch with the online appointment system has prolonged students in Rivera’s position from receiving the help they need from the during this transfer season.

While some students are experiencing the online appointment glitch for the Transfer Center, they may still have their questions answered by other counselors.

“Every single counselor is a transfer counselor,” Sunday Salter, director of the transfer center, said. “We do it this way because most students at Pierce plan to transfer.”

The problem is currently being explored further and will hopefully be resolved soon.

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