Brahmas fall to the Corsairs

Brahmas fall to the Corsairs

Brahmas soccer lost grip of their six-game winning streak by losing to the Santa Monica College Corsairs 2-1 at home.

The Brahmas came into the game following a 3-0 win on the road against LA Valley College.

Head Coach Adolfo Perez said the Corsairs had high intensity in the game.

“They went for every ball like it was the last ball they were ever going to go to,” Perez said. “They were very intense. They were like what we want to be.”

The game was scoreless until forward Gisell Cruz made a penalty kick for the Brahmas in the 30th minute.

Six minutes later, Dayli Ramos tied the game for the Corsairs.

Filippa Struxjo scored the second goal that gave Santa Monica College a 2-1 lead.

Iliana Yanez made six saves in the game before switching to the midfield in the second half. Valerie Mojica took her place in goal.

Perez said that is important for the team to win their home games if they want to win conference.

“You have to take care of your home turf and then win some games on the road. We have to do it on the reverse,” Perez said.

Perez said he wants the team to play harder and more physical in the next game.

“We are a little bit more organized,” Perez said. “I think today we just got out-physicaled. I just wish we played harder, not better. I wish we played harder.”

Yanez said the team could have had  more energy in the game.

“It’s tough because it’s not that outcome we want,” Yanez said. “You just try your hardest.”

Forward Jessica Tapia said she has not been on the field for a few games and likes to play intensely with the team.

“The girls put their heart out on the field,” Tapia said. “It just feels great.”

Yanez said substituting in the field can be difficult but she likes to help out by keeping the energy consistent.

“It’s hard when you have players that are sometimes able to play sometimes not and that’s why I’ve had to come in,” Yanez said. “I just try to come in because I have fresh legs since I haven’t been running around in the goals.”

Tapia said she is working on her skills as the season pushes on.

“I’m still trying to improve overall,” Tapia said. “My defensive skills and just getting focused.”

Yanez said she has been mostly working on her footing since she doesn’t have a lot of experience as a midfielder.

“Right now I’ve been working on my foot skills,” Yanez. “I haven’t played on the field a lot actually and this is all kind of new so I just try to do my best.”

Yanez said she tries to keep the team’s energy high throughout each game.

“I try to just get everybody else’s energy up,” Yanez said. “I try to spread the energy to my teammates and do the best for them.”

Yanez said knowing how to work together has been a big improvement on the team.

“Our teamwork,” Yanez said. “Definitely now after all these games we know how we all play and we know how to be more efficient using each other or using our skills because we have a lot of talented people on the team.”

The Brahmas will host  West Los Angeles College in their next confeence game on Friday at 4 p.m.