Pro: Mandatory sexual assault module

Students should have to complete a sexual assault module when they enroll in classes at Pierce College.

Sexual assault rates on college campuses have skyrocketed over the last few years. Part of this increase has been due to the fact that most people are uneducated about what exactly constitutes sexual assault.

According to, 20% – 25% of college women and 15% of college men are victims of forced sex during their college careers. These numbers will continue to grow if there is not something done about it.

If students were mandated to take a sexual assault module before attending school, they could become more educated on a topic, which they were not already educated on. The module could provide these students with a better understanding of what crosses the line when talking about this topic.

The conversation of sexual assault is a never-ending one. This is due to the fact that sexual assault has so many levels to it. Bringing the argument back to a lack of education, students need to be clear on how broad the term stretches.

Everyone has a different opinion on what they would consider sexual assault. However, the term itself is very broad.

Many different acts can count as sexual assault and can offend certain people. It is for this reason that an educational sexual assault module would be beneficial to potential students as well as current students who lack this knowledge.

Sexual assault does not only mean physical sexual misconduct. It can range from verbal assault to physical. If students were more aware of everything that sexual assault encompassed, they might be less likely to commit these acts.

We live in a society where the line between what is and is not okay is blurred. Without some form of education for the students who are unaware, there is no other way to stop assault that they do not know they are commiting.