Comfort on Canvas

Comfort on Canvas

One of the more unintentionally funny parts of class is when teachers inadvertently mispronounce a student’s name. This can be alleviated with the new Canvas update announced Nov. 19 at the Academic Senate meeting.

Each professors’ Canvas shells are now equipped with a feature that will allow students to personally record themselves pronouncing their name properly.

Distance Education Coordinator Wendy Bass explained that the purpose was to create a more personal connection with students – especially with online classes. Bass explained that the program is universal and available to every student.

Bass compared the recording to a profile photo that will automatically be saved to a student’s profile.

Not only does the program allow students to give professors the proper pronunciation of their names, but it also gives students the opportunity to specify what their preferred gender pronouns are.

“It’s really very equalizing” said Bass.

The goal of the new program is to make students feel more comfortable and to be sure they are being called the right names, and being referred to with the correct pronouns.

Jennifer Moses wanted to make some points clear.

“It is an op-in, so the students have to opt in to put their names in,” Moses said.

The program is optional, however Bass encourages professors and students alike to partake in the program.

Clay Gediman explained the new features getting added to the online world.

Gediman explained that there are already many tools from the library available to students online. Now, there will be audio and video embedded into Canvas to help students with their research, to explain the differences between sources.

“We already have a lot of stuff that you can embed into your Canvas,” Gediman said.

The videos offered will help students who have broader questions regarding research and how to pick the proper source when writing a research paper for example.

Gediman also explained that they are working on becoming more ADA compliant as well. Overall the main focus is to improve the students experience while using online learning platforms.

The Library / Learning Crossroads continues to make many efforts to continue to support and guide students.