Pro: Tram services

Pierce should implement a daily tram service to allow students to travel to, from,and around the campus easier.

Pierce has a big campus. The school is 426 acres, which makes it one of the larger colleges in California.

With only 10 minutes between classes, students are often rushed from one class to another and end up being late. A tram service could help students get around without the stress of being late to class.

Local colleges with smaller campuses, such as University of California, Los Angeles (419 acres) and University of Southern California (378 acres), have already implemented their own transportation system which take students around the campus and to other public transportation stops around Los Angeles.

University of San Diego has multiple tram systems that can take students around the campus and to their local trolley station. The service is free to use for anyone on the campus, which includes students, employees, and visitors.

Some other community colleges have already added a tram service. Rio Hondo College has their own service that runs from Monday to Friday and starts at 6:30 a.m.

A tram could also help solve the parking problem at Pierce. Getting students from the classroom to their cars quicker could help open up parking spots faster.

It would help the parking problem even more if it was connected to the Metro Line stop that is right outside the campus.

A tram system could also help people feel safer while on campus, especially at night.

A lot of people don’t like to travel the campus when it’s dark and empty. Having a tram to transport people at those times would likely make students feel safer.

With a tram service that takes student from public transportation stops to the campus and around the campus, Pierce would be taking a step to help the environment by getting more people to use mass transportation.

It would make using public transportation a little quicker and more convenient than it currently is.

It would be a costly investment for the college but one that would provide value in many ways.

While a free service would be preferred, selling a pass to use it could help the costs of building and maintaining it.

A tram service on campus would cut down on students being late to class, help solve the parking problem, make students feel safer on campus, and benefit the environment.

It is already a service being offered by other colleges, so why not Pierce?