Brahmas go for a swim

Brahmas go for a swim

Pierce swimmers were out setting records and taking pole positions at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center on Saturday.

Head Coach Judi Terhar said that this competition was to see where her team is currently.

“The main purpose of today’s meet is really for improvement and to see just where our swimmers are, but they sure are making headway today,” Terhar said.

Nanako Fujikura placed fifth in the second heat of the women’s 1,000-yard freestyle. In the same event for the men, Shawn Navi and Carlo Gerometta finished first and second.

In the 200-yard freestyle for the men, Jacob Jepson finished  2nd with a time of 2:03.19 in heat one. Wyatt Feldman finished 5th in the second heat.

In the 50-yard freestyle Kyrah Hunter won the event with a  time of 35.24.

For the second heat, Ava Recchia placed 2nd. Mario Marshall finished 1st and Alonzo Noguera finished third.

“He’s set to go all the way to nationals this year,” Terhar said.

Judy Martinez finished 3rd in the 400-yard individual medley with a time of 6:20. Drew McDonald placed 4th , while Juo Sato placed 4th in the second heat.

Terhar said that this was to help prepare them for competitions and also revealed their ‘March Madness’.

“We have these guys swimming 6,005 yards a day with weights on. When they take them off, they naturally feel faster and give a little more grunt,” Terhar said.

Kyrah Hunter placed 3rd in the women’s 200-yard butterfly after Ingi Villanueva and Caitlin Hecker tied in second with a time of 2:44.20.  The men performed well as Jepson got 2nd place with a time of 2:30.

In the 100-yard freestyle, Anna Maritxell finished 7th while Recchia placed 5th.  Noguera finished 8th with a time of 52.43.

Fujikura placed 5th in the 200-yard backstroke  with a time of 3:05 and McDonald didn’t have a time recorded.

Marshall said that swimmers must have a quick mentality.

“If you want to be fast, you have to think fast. I’m swimming because I want to prove to myself that I can get faster and to teach my daughters that there is always room for self-improvement,” Marshall said.

Martinez placed 6th in the 500-yard freestyle, while Sato finished 3rd.

In the 200-yard breaststroke, Bryant didn’t have a time recorded while Cassidy Hoffman placed 8th. Navi had no time, while Feldman placed 7th.

Alonzo Noguera said that he likes being on the team.

“I really like Pierce. It was a good way to save money while getting my General Education and I get to keep on swimming,” Noguera said.

The women placed last in the standings with three points, while the men finished 4th with 67.

Their next meet is on Friday, Mar. 29 at Ventura College at 11 a.m.