A dream comes true

A dream comes true

The Dream Resource Center will provide more than 600 undocumented students with the tools they need to succeed.

It will open Thursday, Sept. 26, at the Library / Learning Crossroads courtyard according to Kimberly Castillo, a staff member for the DRC.

“We want to honor this accomplishment and celebrate with everyone,” Castillo said.

The DRC collaborates with the I.D.E.A.S. club at Pierce to expand their outreach to undocumented students. I.D.E.A.S. Club President Yajaira Garcia explained the clubs responsibilities.

“We try to do workshops, events, and collaborate with other clubs to get the word out and make sure that everyone here at Pierce can have the same opportunities and same successes that other students have with their residency,” Garcia said.  

The DRC will assist undocumented students in financial aid, peer mentoring, applications and scholarship information. 

“I’m there to support them and guide them in the right direction,” Castillo said. “Roughly, as of right now, I want to say we have a little over 600 students. I haven’t met with all of them, but I want students to know that this space is there for them.” 

Aside from mentoring and assistance, the center also has computers and tables that students can us. 

“We have computers in there so our students can come in and use them. We have three-round tables so they can come in and hang out with other students or do homework,” Castillo said. 

Student worker Luis Morales explained that the DRC helps the students who are struggling with income. 

“We want to have financial aid workshops,” Morales said. “Financial matters are different for undocumented students. There tends to be a-lot of students that are undocumented who are considered non-resident and their debts might be high.”