Pantry’s back in session

Pantry’s back in session

Studying for tests and finishing homework are obstacles for most students, but what if they are  hungry and have no place to lay their head down?

The Brahma Pantry is initiating a Basic Needs Support Program. In addition to offering support by providing food, the Brahma Pantry will now be helping students with other necessities, such as housing, toiletries and counseling. 

Students can come in and grab snacks or a meal voucher that can be redeemed at the cafeteria. 

Jocelyn Sarria, a neuroscience major and a member of the Students Against Student Hunger Club (St.A.S.H.), has been utilizing the pantry since its opening last year. 

“I want students to know that it’s free,” Sarria said. “I want them to know that no one is judging them and that it’s a safe space for them.”

Sarria also mentioned that the pantry provides students with resources that will benefit them academically. 

“Looking into research and statistics, students do better when they have a full stomach,” said Sarria.

D’arcy Corwin, the Brahma Pantry Leader, said that she holds meetings with students so that she can understand any individual necessities they might have. 

“Those one-on-one meetings are when I get to really connect with students to see what their needs are, so I can get them those support resources” Corwin said.

Students work with Corwin to see what resources are available to them, on and off the campus. 

Jackie Macon, a student who goes to the Brahma Pantry, explained how you can get up to 10 snacks a week, and can also get two meal vouchers that can be used for either a subway box or a meal from the cafeteria.

“My favorite snack has to be the honey chips,” Macon said. “ And my favorite meal is the Subway tuna sandwich.” 

Another student who visits the Brahma Pantry is Quarterback Luke Flanagan, who comes by everyday to get something to eat before his five-hour practice.

“D’arcy is a saint, she’s the best person.” Flanagan said.

In order to qualify, students have to sign what is called a “Welcome Form”. They provide their name, student I.D. and check off a list of additional support resources that they may interest them.

The Brahma Pantry is located next to the old library building, and is open Monday and Wednesday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.  Students can also sign up for one-on-one meetings, which are held Tuesdays and Thursdays.