Con: ‘Let’s stay home”

Con: ‘Let’s stay home”

Majority of students are not ready to leave the nest to move to another state.

Some may not be experienced enough going from being familiar with the streets of their  hometown to going to a new environment such as a different state.

Homesickness is a common feeling students experience when they’re not comfortable in a place. 

They don’t know anyone’s names or faces, they get lost easily and the place is totally different.

Missing family when going out of state would also be hard on students.

Not only is it difficult to deal with differing time zones, transportation has to be through plane or car. 

Flights cost money and going by vehicle can take hundreds of miles to go from place to place.

Whether it be between immediate family members or a significant other, not seeing each other face-to-face can cause relationships to be strained.

Almost all their contact is through the phone and there’s not anyone nearby to physically turn to when in need.

They also know where the jobs are at. 

Whether it be entry-level to getting a head start with a higher position, sometimes the only way to get these jobs fast is to know where to find them.

While students won’t be alone for long, it does take some time to build the same connections with people that they’ve taken years to make. 

Most jobs that people are able to obtain is through networking. 

It’s all about who knows who and what calls can be made rather than filling out job applications.

Some employers may be hesitant to hire someone who isn’t from the same area. 

Why would they give a job to someone they don’t know rather than to someone who’s been in the community for years?

Remaining at home would allow a student to not only find work that is more easily accessible and close by.

According to, going out of state for college costs more as well.

“Out-of-state students pay more simply because they do not pay taxes to the state in which the university is located. In-state residents, on the other hand, have been supporting the state, and thus indirectly funding the university, all their lives.”

An article by said the numbers show that students would rather attend colleges close by.

“The majority — 56.2% — of public four-year college students attend an institution under an hour’s drive away, and nearly 70% attend within two hours of their home.”

There’s also the factor of finding somewhere to live. Finding an apartment or a house to rent doesn’t simply take a day. 

There’s the first and last month’s rent to deal with and finding out whether a location is the right fit.

Tons of research should go into finding a place to live, and that can be difficult to do when someone is not physically in the state.

Not only is staying at home easier, it simply saves money.