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Preview: Upcoming student recital

Pierce College Performance students prepare themselves to show off their talents at the next Thursday Concert happening Oct. 10, 2019 at the Performing Arts Building Mainstage (PAB).

Students recitals are set to begin in a week, starting off with the Performance Workshop MUS 250 classes taking the center stage. The performance workshop class is part of the Applied Music Program at Pierce and its very popular and high in demand amongst students in the department. 

A variety of genres including classical, jazz, musical theater and pop will be performed including vocalists, violinists, pianists, saxophonists, percussionists and flute players adding to the list. 

Students will perform in small ensembles such as duets, trios and jazz combos. They have prepared, memorized, and are ready for an outstanding level of performance, though this specific recital is earlier in the semester than usual. The student recital next week will feature one or two student compositions. This performance is done as part of their requirements for the class.

Professor Garineh K Avakian helps contract and organize these concerts every semester with the help from the Association Students Organization (ASO), but this semester there are some generous contributors.

“Usually, the ASO helps fund all these concerts, but this semester the Applied Instructors graciously agreed to perform for free and offer their time and talent to the Pierce Community. We are very grateful for this,” Avakian said.

Something unusual that happens at the end of every show.

“The students attending the show are expected to also think of questions to ask the performers each week after the concert,” Avakian said.

There are little over 32 students in the performing class and meets every week with Professor Samuel Gordin. About 106 students from the music department is expected to attend this performance as well as students and faculty from other departments.

All concerts are open and free to students, faculty, staff and the public as well. These concerts are an enjoyable experience for everyone, and it is simply one hour to relax and unwind to some good music performed by our own student talent joined by guest musicians. After a three-week break, student recitals will continue in November until the end of the semester combined with Applied Music Program recitals.

The next Thursday concert will be Oct. 17 at the PAB featuring John Storie on the jazz guitar.                              Doors open at 12:45 p.m. and doors close at 1:00 p.m. 

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