Where are the spooktacular events?

Where are the spooktacular events?

Halloween is a popular season as people get excited to see their favorite scary movie and drink their pumpkin spice lattes. Other Halloween fanatics enjoy decorating their homes with scary inflatable decors, lightings and posters. Some even convert their homes into haunted houses. 

In 2014, Pierce held its last “Halloween Harvest,” which consisted of a 5-acre corn maze, food stands and games. The event was popular and many people were disappointed when it closed down.

Pierce College should bring back their Halloween spirit by holding a “Spooky Season” for the month of October. It’s an event that can help bring the community and students together.

It could begin the second week of October through the first week of November so that Dia de los Muertos could also be celebrated. 

The event could consist of pumpkin carvings, crafts, corn mazes, face painting, a haunted house and some rides, depending on the funds. Pierce clubs could be involved by creating the haunted house.

A movie screening of different scary movies could be held at the Great Hall with candies, popcorn and drinks for purchase.

Pierce clubs could be also set up trick-or-treat tables for people to come to on Halloween.

The Art department could host a “spooky crafts” table to let students make decorations to display in classrooms and around the campus. 

ASO could host a costume contest with a prize for the winner to encourage students to participate in the event.

As with the Halloween Harvest, the new event can be held at Pierce’s farm and there should be a small fee for people who are not Pierce students to help pay for it all. 

ASO should also host it, for at least the first year, to see how it goes. 

Pierce students and the community would be able to enjoy Halloween activities without going far away and it would help Pierce get more involved with the community.

Illustration by Jesse Bertel