Pro: College students having pets

Pro: College students having pets

Almost every college student deals with stressful situations at one point or another, but it’s usually better to go through these situations with a furry friend by their side.

They often have to deal with different kinds of responsibilities that cause them to feel overwhelmed.

Research has shown that owning a pet can assist people in leading a happier and healthier life. According to a study at Ohio State University, students with pets were less likely to report feeling depressed or lonely and 25% said their pets helped them when they felt stressed out.

It’s difficult going to college while also trying to maintain a healthy and active social life. There’s not a lot of free time to make friends and go out often, especially if they are also working.

This can lead to many people feeling lonely or depressed about their lifestyle. According to, a study suggests however, that pets have a physiological effect on humans, blood pressure decreases, the stress hormone blood cortisol decreases, and oxytocin, a feel good hormone, increases.

Animals have the ability to help their owners feel far less lonely when going through a tough time. They also help keep their humans active and on top of their responsibilities.

According to a study done by, nearly a quarter of college students surveyed believed their pets helped them get through difficult times in life.

“A 2016 survey conducted by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), also found that 62% of millennials have experienced mental health improvements from having pets.”

Students can also feel isolated or stressed in new college environments after leaving their families and learning how to be on their own.

Many students are used to living in a household that already had a dog or a cat, so bringing them to college is like bringing a piece of home with them that provides comfort.

Pets can encourage them to be more active and confident in a new and overwhelming environment.