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Spring games and practices end abruptly

Multiple sporting events have been canceled and professional soccer leagues across the world have postponed their seasons due to the concern of COVID-19.

The same occurred at the community college level. Sports games and practices at Pierce College have been postponed indefinitely.

Interim Athletic Director Susan Armenta said the department is preparing as classes transition online.

“We are just waiting so when we come back on March 30, the coaches are aware that the classes are online so some of them are preparing themselves in the training that are offered,” Armenta said. “And at that point, we might have no one on campus.”

Armenta said the athletes pay for their health fee and are not charged extra when they are playing their respective sport.

She said the rug was pulled from underneath them because they had a lot planned.

“We had all of these tasks and things we wanted to finish,” Armenta said. “Get everyone ready as it is portrayed to travel and all of a sudden nothing. This is so odd and it is a huge surprise. As we saw things in the media, professional sports and the district that we had to see it coming.”

Armenta said she has kept President Alexis Montevirgen in the loop via email.

Armenta instructed head swim coach Judi Terhar to do her online instruction from home.

She mentioned that all conditioning classes will make the transition to online.

Head coach Adolfo Perez said that two exchange students from El Camino Real High School’s boys’ soccer team are being sent home because of the pandemic.

“These kids paid almost $25,000,” Perez said. “They are not getting reimbursed and are asked to leave. One of the kids is from Italy and the parents don’t want him to go back because he is their only child.”

Perez said he is frustrated with the whole situation but is optimistic things will get better.

Terhar said the swimmers are disappointed with not competing.

“We are at the beginning where there is a lot of fear and things change daily,” Terhar said. “I just encourage them and help them understand that this is more for the elderly, but they can be carriers and as a result we want to protect the elderly. Being in compliance with what the government has asked us to do is really important for everyone’s safety.”

Terhar said she wouldn’t be surprised if the players get another year of eligibility. She said she will be keeping her swimmers active.

“I have many clips that I will be sending them to keep them busy,” Terhar said. “However, what matters right now is their mental state. Being an encouragement to them and making them understand that when things are out of their control that they take care of themselves and each other.”

Felipe Gamino
Sports Editor 2016- present Circulation Editor 2019- present STAFF- Fall 2015

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