Campus update 3/27

Campus update 3/27

The four Pierce College COVID-19 task forces gave updates for the work and progress they’ve made in an online Zoom meeting today at noon. 

Mental health services will be online and running beginning Monday for students, according to Health Center Director Beth Benne. 

She stressed the importance of self-care and keeping faith. 

“If you’re not taking care of yourself, then you’re not going to be able to care for your family – and I’m talking about emotionally as well,” Benne said. “We need to de-stress.”

Plant Facilities Director Paul Nieman explained how Pierce is keeping the campus clean.

“We’ve been going building by building and room by room and sanitizing all of those areas and restrooms,” Nieman said. 

The cleaning crews are sealing each room and restroom after sanitizing them so it’s clear if a room needs to be sanitized again. 

The crews continue to use Clorox 360 machines, in addition to other disinfectants and wipes, to sanitize the rooms. 

According to Nieman, about 75% of the campus has already been cleaned. 

The campus is closed to pedestrian access. There are also sheriffs posted at the Winnetka entrance to monitor campus activity. 

Two groups of student workers, farmworkers and cadets, are still allowed on campus to take care of the farm animals and secure campus activity, according to Vice President of Administrative Services Rolf Schleicher.

Dean of Academic Affairs Sharon Dalmage reported that some textbook publishers will be providing students with free online versions of textbooks as well as additional online resources.

Last night, students received an email with a list of classes that cannot be transferred online for various reasons. 

“That list went out and hopefully it tamps down some of the anxiety that students were having,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs Sheri Berger.

LACCD also announced that it is moving to a fully-online summer session and are adjusting summer schedules accordingly. 

In an email, Berger explained how the District has changed previous requirements to help students. 

“The restriction for students to petition for [pass/no pass] grading has been lifted,” Berger wrote. “There may still be negative consequences for students opting for [pass/no pass] with transfer institutions and what they will honor.”

Additionally, the district will allow colleges to extend the spring 2020 semester to June 30, 2020, if necessary. 

Students will be allowed to repeat courses from spring 2020 without penalty, and withdrawals from classes will be converted to excused withdrawals on student transcripts, according to California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Oakley.

For IT support and student login help, students can call (844) 695-2223.