Pro: A virtual graduation

Pro: A virtual graduation

As daily life is being put on pause because of COVID-19, celebrating special occasions shouldn’t be stopped as well. 

A graduation ceremony is an important milestone in a person’s life because it signifies students’ success in completing their studies and also calls for a celebration to share with others. 

Pierce College should hold its commencement virtually so that 2020 graduates don’t miss out on their special moment.

This will ensure that the school and students are following California’s Safer at Home order while also maintaining social distancing. 

While an online graduation may be a foreign concept for many, postponing it does not seem like the better option.

Some graduates plan on transferring to a four-year university, perhaps in a different state or even abroad. Other graduates move on with their careers which can also lead them to different cities or states.

These students are planning their futures outside of Pierce and most likely won’t want to come back simply to walk on stage.

For many students, an online graduation could be their sole chance to have the opportunity to celebrate their academic success. 

Students experience stress and long nights and a graduation symbolizes that their efforts were worth something.

The families of students should also be able to show their support, but most in-person graduations have a guest limit per person due to spatial limits.

If the ceremony was done online, family attendance would not be limited to those living in California. Multiple members of a family can also witness their graduate walk across the stage to accept their diploma live online. 

The process of booking flights, searching for hotel accommodations, finding campus parking and even getting a seat at the event with a good view would no longer be a concern because people could simply attend by watching from their screens.

Whether it’s done through video call or by simply having their name read out loud by the college president or their favorite instructor, the ceremony would still serve the same purpose as if it were done in person.