Clubs connect on computers

Clubs connect on computers

Associated Students Organization (ASO) club meetings are now taking place online over Zoom to keep clubs connected and engaged as they plan their activities for the rest of the semester at home.

Club President of Child Development Club Vince Denoga wrote on an Instagram message that he and Vice President Jasmine Guzman host bi-weekly Zoom meetings with the club to do mental health checkups, share resources and brainstorm ideas to boost their social media presence.

“The vice president and I are both [child development] tutors, so we try to do cross-advertising,” Denoga wrote. “We let our members know we are available to tutor them if they’re struggling with their classes and let our tutees know about our club’s social media post regarding resources and activities.”

Child Development Club’s first meeting was April 10, and Denoga had his members send in pictures of activities that they are doing with the children in their lives while quarantined.

Other clubs have not had as smooth a transition meeting online.

Lea Thomas, president of the Horticulture and Agriculture Club, said in an email that the club has not done any online meetings, but members have kept in contact with each other through texting.

Online meetings are not suitable for the Horticulture and Agriculture Club because they mostly support ongoing campus projects for the Horticulture Department.

“We have ongoing projects, and we were planning some upcoming events that all have been either canceled or unclear when we can schedule them again,” Thomas wrote.

ASO Club Council President Nicole Alfaro said in an email that the campus closure due to COVID-19 prevention had been a challenge, but the ASO is trying to keep it as normal as they possibly can.

“Students can still reach me during my office hours via email, and they can always schedule a meeting with me, and I will send them a link for a Zoom meeting,” Alfaro wrote.

Alfaro wrote that so far, the ASO hasn’t had a Club Council meeting and suggested that all the clubs hold meetings on Zoom during their usual time to give students a level of normalcy.

She also said that each club has its own way when it comes to handling meetings online or having a group chat to keep everyone connected.

“I’ve been reaching out to clubs to make sure they are doing okay, and they have also shared resources with me, such as scholarships to share with others,” Alfaro wrote. “These student leaders are amazing, and I am so glad they are all still very connected and adjusting to the issue.”