Column: Let’s honor essential workers

Column: Let’s honor essential workers

From administering prescriptions to restocking goods, these are the types of people that should be commemorated.

These workers need to be celebrated, because without them there wouldn’t be pharmacists to get important pills for loved ones or oneself.

Essential workers aren’t using their employment as an excuse to escape being in quarantine, but rather they’re aware of their responsibility to help people.

They’re also working hard to financially support their families.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a bad time in the world right now, but people should be grateful to have essential workers that do their best to continue providing basic needs.

For example, thank the mail carriers who deliver mail Monday through Saturday while risking their own health.

We all need to be thankful to have these essential workers because they are doing a lot of work to keep their customers satisfied under pressure and risk.

After the pandemic is over, essential workers should get a raise because of the hard work and dedication they put to keep the world functioning.