Column: Message from your Pierce President

Column: Message from your Pierce President

What a way to close out a first year as a College President!

Little did I imagine when I joined Pierce College last summer that this would be the way that we would be closing my first year as your College President.  But I also never could have imagined how immensely proud and honored I would be right now to be leading such a resilient and inspiring campus community.

Resilient and inspiring FACULTY… who as scholars and experts in their respective fields have come together to shift to a fully remote instructional learning environment in the middle of the academic semester so that we can continue to serve the educational needs of our students and our entire community.  Thank you, Pierce College faculty!

Resilient and inspiring STAFF… who continue to work tirelessly and with dedication to ensure that online services continue to be provided, ensuring student success and preserving access for all. Thank you, Pierce College staff and administrators!

And most importantly, resilient and inspiring STUDENTS… who have persevered and who continue to progress towards their certificates and degrees. Thank you, Pierce College students!

It is no small task what we all have had to endure as a campus, as a city, as a state, as a nation, and as a world over these last few months.  I am confident, without a doubt, that the qualities and virtues that we have come together with to face our current situation are exactly what we so desperately need more of in this world of ours right now.

What these last few months have hopefully proven to you, to your families, and definitely to all of us at Pierce College, is that our campus community has the grit, the determination, and the will to not let anything, even a global pandemic, get in the way of supporting the success, educational ambition, and the continued overall wellbeing of our community.

Continue dreaming and reaching for that next milestone.  Do not let this pandemic get in the way of you being able to complete your certificate or degree.  Continue believing in yourself and the fact that no matter what this world may place in front of us, we each have the opportunity to make a positive impact in this world with each action that we take moving forward.


In unity and in health,
Alexis S. Montevirgen, Ed.D.
College President