COVID team meeting

COVID team meeting

COVID-19 Response teams discussed student ID cards, delivering laptops to non-LA Promise students and possibly opening up classrooms for faculty at a Zoom meeting on Sept. 23.

After Team B’s update, Vice President of Student Services Earic Dixon-Peters talked about the distribution of laptops to LA Promise students being a priority.

“Yes, we had a delivery of laptops this previous week on Thursday and Friday for L.A. Promise students,” Peters said. 

Dean of Student Engagement Juan Carlos Astorga expressed his concerns with students receiving two pieces of equipment.

“It makes no sense for one student to get two different pieces of equipment because that’s one less for another one that could potentially receive it,” Astorga said. 

In addition to the updates, there was student feedback regarding campus ID cards.

Vice President of Administrative Services Rolf Schleicher described how helpful student ID cards could be for students choosing not to turn on their cameras during class.

The testing software, Proctorio, sometimes uses student ID cards before beginning the monitored test provided, Distance Education Coordinator Wendy Bass added. 

“We’ve got to help them help themselves. And sometimes they may not realize that this whole way of learning is going to be very challenging,” Schleicher said.

The last point brought up in the Team B and C meeting was getting software for science classes with labs or allowing professors to come in and record their own lab.

Dean of Academic Affairs Donna-Mae Villanueva suggested that remote science professors should use their classrooms to record new lectures because using their old lectures might be a FERPA violation. 

She also explained that other colleges within LACCD are allowing faculty to record on campus.