Virtual Club Rush

Virtual Club Rush

At the beginning of previous Pierce College semesters, students could walk through campus and see colorful tents, flyers, school-owned farm animals, and hear booming music being played in the background.

The yearly Club Rush Event is a guaranteed way for students, new and returning alike, to engage with their campus community.

With classes being held online this semester, students are not able to experience this event in person.

This year, Pierce College, which is closed to all students, hosted its annual Club Rush online on Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Pierce College ASO President Jamie Crespin said the virtual event posed new challenges.

“Usually Club Rush is on The Mall and you can’t miss it,” Crespin said. “There’s signs, tents and a lot of people. This environment makes students curious, which leads to them visiting the booths. But, online it’s really easy to miss Club Rush, even though we tried our best to advertise it everywhere.”

Pierce’s Club Council President Sofia Zaragoza said that making this year’s event virtual was the correct decision.

“I definitely think that considering the events of the world right now with trying to stay safe I think this is the best option,” Zaragoza said.

Student Services Assistant Geremy K. Mason helped the event’s attendants navigate the new setting.

When students first arrived at the event, they were placed in a virtual waiting room. Each participating club had their own room with that club’s president, vice-president and other club members.

Once the attending students figured out where they wanted to go, Mason would lead them to their desired club’s respective room.

Circle K International President Fernando Gutierrez found the process to be convenient for him, as he was able to do everything through his phone.

“It was fun since you don’t have to walk,” Guitierrez said. “Instead the event is through your laptop.”

Guitierrez believes that staying at home was the proper way to handle this event, in an effort to prevent any risk of infection.

“I got to meet new people who I think will enjoy my club,” Guitierrez added. “I got people to join and they seem eager to be here. Personally I think everyone here is eager to join a club or they wouldn’t have shown up.”

Readers can find out more information about the school’s clubs at the Los Angeles Pierce College Club Council’s Instagram account (@pcclubcouncil).