DJs and influencers keeping you in school

DJs and influencers keeping you in school

California Community Colleges (CCC) have launched the “Stay Enrolled, Succeed Online” Campaign from the state Chancellor’s office amid a drop in enrollment rates.

The campaign was created to increase new enrollments and keep students enrolled in upcoming semesters. CCC aims to achieve this through advertisements.

During a Chancellor Student Media Teleconference, CCC Chancellor Eloy Oakley spoke about a current drop in enrollment rates across the district, despite an initial increase in the summer session.

“The Fall Enrollment is much softer than we had hoped for,” Oakley said. “We’re seeing around a 5 to 7% decline so far.”

The decline is primarily attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and the toll it has taken on the economy.

In an email from the Chancellor’s office signed by Paige Dorr, the Director of Communications and Marketing of CCC, Dorr wrote about the likelihood of a drastic change in environment due to current circumstances.

“We are working closely with our creative agencies to prepare for what is anticipated to be a recession-like environment for current and future students” Dorr wrote.

Pierce and CCC are working to spread the word about late start classes and eight-week sessions so students know it isn’t too late to sign up.

Doreen Clay, Pierce Public Relations manager and photographer for the campaign, said during a phone interview exactly how they are advertising to students.

“They have an advertising agency who developed materials to keep students going and keep them enrolled, even in this difficult time of COVID-19,” Clay said. “There’s radio spots, DJ and influencers, digital banners, those are all for the state and then we had our ad agency make our own digital and banner ads.”

Associate psychology professor Angela Belden said in a phone interview that the campaign focuses on student retention.

“When you stay enrolled, it causes you to make more progress toward your ultimate goal,” Belden said. “When students drop class, after class, after class, then those W’s start piling up and you start to stall on your progress.”