Column: Biden’s path to victory

Column: Biden’s path to victory

In what was considered a consequential but also contentious presidential election, former President-elect Joe Biden’s candidacy shines at the American people like a light at the end of the tunnel.

After the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate won the primaries around the time the COVID-19 crisis began, Biden entered the race in full force with a call for unity this spring and said he wanted “to restore the soul of the nation.”

Since then, the Biden campaign has cemented its position as the most well-founded, influential and successful campaign in the 2020 presidential elections. 

The abundant donations accumulated about $1 billion and an average national poll advantage of near 10 points over the incumbent candidate. 

Biden’s message at his rallies, campaign ads and more recently in the last presidential debate was his eagerness and determination to bring us together and to be an American president, not a leader for the blue or the red states. 

As the pandemic continues to run rampant, the country is experiencing an overwhelming economic downturn filled with the loss of jobs, and a surge of homelessness have riddled the nation.

A clear distinction of the Biden campaign is how it prioritizes protecting their supporters at political rallies. 

The Biden campaign is COVID-19 conscious and follows the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines while implementing outdoor gathering rules with a limited amount of people at their drive-in rallies.

Biden’s team also mandates mask wearing, temperature checks and social distancing while inside or next to their car. 

The president-elect understands the challenges that lay ahead when he takes office on Jan. 20, 2021.

He recognizes the need for a leader that’s going to get us out of the COVID-19 crisis and that’s finally going to help us get back to normal.

Biden’s message is that without a health recovery, there cannot be an economic recovery for the United States. 

He has called for a national mask mandate, more testing and contact tracing, the reinstatement of the Obama administration pandemic response team and is listening to scientists to approach the reopening of the country. 

While nothing is certain on any given election, the incredible increase in the number of voters making their voices heard at the ballot box is a hopeful outlook on what could be the saving of the American people and democracy.