Pierce Reinstates Scholarship Awards

Pierce Reinstates Scholarship Awards

The Events and Recognition committee have announced the revival of a student scholarship program at the Academic Senate meeting on Feb.22.

The scholarship program, which was defunct for six years, will allow each voting member of the Academic Senate to elect one student for consideration.

Faculty Professional Development Chair Brian Moe said the committee would decide on up to four students who will receive the $500 scholarship. 

“We would like to be able to reinstate [the program] and sustain this for our amazing students and for all the work that they have been through,” Moe said. 

Student Success committee representative Crystal Kiekel announced a record breaking turn out of 350 people for their Student Success Conference this year. 

According to Kiekel, four different Student Success Committees (SSC) at Pierce came together to discuss how they could work toward growing greater student success.

“We brainstormed some factors that support and inhibit student success. And we kind of concluded that Pierce does have a lot of rad programs and services,” Keikel said.

The SSCs are Student Support, Guided Pathways, and Enrollment Management committees.

Keikel said it might be difficult for students to find and connect to the programs. The committees are collectively working together with greater focus to assist students in connecting to existing resources available at Pierce. 

ASO President Jamie Crespin said that interviews were held recently to find new ASO senators for the spring semester.

“There were a lot more interviews this semester,” Crespin said. “I feel that’s because classes are a little bit easier and take up less time, so students might have more time on their hands,” Crespin said.

Crespin also said that many of the newer students attended the Club Rush event last week.

The next Academic Senate Meeting will be on March 17 at 2:30 p.m.