Little Free libraries

Little Free libraries

 Much like a Little Free Library, a college campus is what the surrounding community contributes to it.

Pierce College is an ideal place to have several Little Free Libraries where students can stop without needing to commit a significant portion of time to browsing in the Library/Learning Crossroads.

A Little Free Library is a community run “book-sharing box,” functioning on an honor system, according to their website. Anyone can take or share a book, but a donated book is not required to take one. As students come and go from campus, contributions to the Little Free Libraries would most likely continue through the years.

This self-sustaining service on campus would allow students to donate books they no longer need or want for others to pick up. It would also encourage the surrounding community to come to campus to donate books or to search for books while walking campus grounds.

These Little Libraries would allow students who want to read more but don’t have the time to go to the library. It would also remove the stress of returning a book on a deadline, like many of the things in a student’s life.

Pierce could implement a few of these Little Libraries by engaging campus departments to collaborate with students to create or decorate a library box. The boxes could be placed on the Art Hill, near the Student Services building and near the gym. There are only four registered Little Free Libraries in Woodland Hills, giving Pierce a great opportunity to add to the community and surrounding schools.

These book-sharing boxes could serve student parents who depend on care centers like Pierce’s to keep their children reading,  because this service would not have traditional opening or closing hours and are open year round.

Little Libraries can also help Pierce achieve their goal of engaging and strengthen their bond with their surrounding community